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4 Potential Lawsuits to Watch Out for in Small Business

A comment on this article: Just to add a little additional information with regards to a breach of contract. If you are having a disagreement concerning the performance under a contract it can be beneficial to discuss this with an attorney early in the process. There are a lot of legal technicalities related to issues such as what is a material breach, is there a right to cure conduct that may constitute a breach, and under what circumstances can a party legally cancel the contract. Additionally, an attorney can help you document any improper conduct so that you can convince the other party to perform or to evidence the justification in your refusal to complete the contract. An attorney can assist you in working out a reasonable resolution of your dispute, which is almost always better than a subsequent lawsuit. Lastly, there are numerous benefits to incorporating your business and most small businesses should be operating as either a LLC or subchapter S corporation.


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